Luxurious Dual Shower Head!

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 Luxurious Dual Shower Head!
Some of you know we bought a house and are heavy into renovations!
I knew I needed a new shower head, its the easiest upgrade for a shower.
And this dual shower head from Sears was perfect!
I received this shower head at a reduced price in exchange for my honest opinion.
This was amazing!
My husband is so busy.
I was so brave and decided to install the shower head myself.
The instructions are illustrated and were simple enough for me to read, look at the pictures and do all by myself!  This is a game changer...he's going to be so proud of me!  I love not asking him for help on projects.
All you need is a screw on fitting in your current shower.
Like this one:
On goes the nut, washer and water direction this.
Reverse tighten the nut and screw on the head.
Check to see if water comes out without leaking.  So far so good!
Next, the rubber washers fit into each end of the hose.  One end screws onto the water direction port and the other onto the handle sprayer!  No tools must not over tighten, or it can cause problems and leaking.  So, just hand tighten and call it good!  Easy!
Then turn on the water.
The sprayer has a "pause" button and makes it so water wont come out of the sprayer if you don't want it to.  So switch it to low and turn the knob on the side of the water direction port until water sprays out of both faucets. They have a variety of spray functions for the most luxurious shower ever! 
I am so excited about this simple upgrade that makes our home feel as luxurious or more than a fine hotel!

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