Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rainbow Necklace!

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You found the full Rainbow!!!
 Lucky Charm Marshmallow Rainbow Necklace!

Do you love Lucky Charms?  We try not to eat sugary cereal very often, but I love an occasional bowl.  My favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch!  We get lots of Marshmallow Matey's too.

     There's a funny family story involving Lucky Charm's at our house.  It was my husbands 2 little sisters...Kara and Mary.
Okay so, the youngest (Mary) got some lucky charms and she was she ate them dry.  (don't you love dry cereal?)  She kept looking for an intact full rainbow but hers were all broken.  Until she reached the bottom and found one complete and perfect rainbow.  She showed her slightly older sister, Kara, her success.
Kara then snatched the rainbow out of Mary's fingers and ate it.
Mary has never forgiven her.
And she brings it up regularly.

Until now...20 years later...Kara gave Mary multiple boxes of Lucky Charms for Christmas.
It was so funny because it was so excessive!
So my daughter, Hailee, wanted in on it too.
She took it one step further and made a necklace with a rainbow marshmallow charm!
It's a perfect craft for a tween or teen and is something fun for them to wear to school!  
She used pink, yellow and periwinkle blue polymer/fimo/oven bake/sculpey clay.
(Anything that bakes firm in the oven is perfect!)
You will also need an eye pin, jump ring and chain.
(eye pins and jump rings can be purchased in bulk packages...hang
 onto those findings, you'll use them for everything!)
 Roll the clay into snakes, all the same thickness, but varied lengths.
Blue at the top, then yellow, then pink at the bottom.
 Squish them together slightly and curve into a bow.
Use a hobby knife to cut the ends off evenly.
 Press the ends to round them off a little bit.
Don't look too close, looks like we rolled ours in dust and fluff!
  •  Now cut an eyepin so it wont poke through the arch of the rainbow.
  • Bend the end of the eyepin at an almost right angle, so it doesn't just pull out after baking.
  • Push the eyepin into the clay with the tip of the pin...curve it around while pushing in so the hook ends up on top.
  • Flatten any clay on the top.
Then bake in the oven according to your package directions.
Usually around 275* for 15-20 minutes.
 Once cooled completely,
Add a jump-ring and a chain and it's ready to wear!
 Super cute and perfect for St. Patrick's Day!
This is a fun craft for tweens and teens!
Clay is easy to form, bake and wear in under an hour!

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