My Little Pony Floating Locket Charms!

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 My Little Pony Floating Locket Charms!
 Floating Lockets are so pretty!
They are so fun too and make great gifts!
But instead of customizing it with non-custom charms...
Try making your own!
 You will need:
Floating "living memory" Locket (they are everywhere)
White Shrink Plastic (shrinky dinks)

Colored ink jet printer
about 20 minutes!

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All images belong to My Little Pony and not me,
I just arranged them and made them the perfect size for you!
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First print out your desired images on the shrink plastic according to package directions.
(basically insert like paper and print)
Let the ink dry an hour or so before cutting.
Then cut out each shape with a little border.
Lay them on a baking sheet lined with parchment.
The parchment is not necessary, but helpful.
Bake in the oven at 350* F for about 1-5 minutes.
(most likely the lower end because they are already small)
But watch them the entire time!
They will start to curl, shrink and then flatten out.
That's when they are done.
Let them cool a couple minutes.
Then slip them in your living locket and enjoy!
Great gift idea for a tween, teen, adult, child, or brony that loves My Little Pony!
Use a larger sized princess as the only piece!
They are so cute!
I absolutely love them!
They are perfect because you can add your favorite background pony
(since they don't sell them anywhere)
and it will be as unique as you!
So fun, and endless options!
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