Crepe Paper Christmas Tree Cones!

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Crepe Paper Christmas Tree Cones!
Make adorable tree decorations for cheap!
All you need is:
Cardstock paper
Crepe paper
Some kind of topper
Sewing machine
Hot glue/gun
Take a strip of crepe paper and sew a long straight stitch on the edge.
 I'm using black and white thread so you can see them.
 Now, you just need to gather the crepe paper by pulling on one of the threads gently.
 This gathers so easily,
but don't pull too hard and accidentally pop your thread.
Form a cone with your cardstock and hot glue it together.
The beauty of these is that you can make these any size you want!

Then start at the bottom of the cone and hot glue the crepe paper all around the cone...
slightly overlapping as you wrap and glue.

Then you can add a topper on the top!
They are easy to find around the house or at the dollar store!
Spraying them with some spray glitter is a really great look too!
They are adorable and make a terrific centerpiece for a party...or a line up of trees on a mantle!
Thanks to my friend Stacy for doing all the work on these!

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