Fleece Pillow Case!

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 Fleece Pillow Case!
My son was in desperate need of a new pillow and a new pillow case.
So my daughter decided to make one for him for Christmas.
She cut a big piece of soft blue fleece...and light blue fleece was cut in the shape of a D.
She pinned it on and sewed the D on first.
 She was 10, so she was thrilled with being able to sew a gift.
It was complex enough for her skill level, but she was confident and successful.
 Obvious wiggly lines, but adorable.
I loved supervising but not helping at all!
 Next she did a decorative stitch through the D...because, why not!?
 Last we folded the fleece over on itself and the D and stitched up the sides,
 leaving one edge open for the new pillow!
She stuffed the pillow in and wrapped it up for her older brother!
She was thrilled to give him such a big and substantial gift!
And he was thrilled to get a new pillow and has used it every day since!
I love letting my kids make things for each other.

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abrimmer said…
What a thoughtful beautiful gift. I'm sure he will treasure that always. I know I would. :)