Hogwarts Crest Rubber Stamp DIY!

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Hogwarts Crest Rubber Stamp DIY!
It's Harry Potter week!  Lots of fun Wizardy ideas all week! 
Perfect for leading up to Halloween!
 You can make your own Hogwarts Crest Rubber Stamp!
 I printed off this image on a laser printer.
UNFORTUNATELY...I forgot to reverse the image before I printed it and
 it didn't hit me that it was reversed until MUCH later in the process.

You will need:
Carving Rubber

And a Carving Tool

I transferred my image onto my rubber using a LESS-THAN-IDEAL method.
I used acetone, my printed page and a paintbrush.
I set the image on the rubber face down, painted the backside with acetone...
Then covered it with a sandwich bag then rubbed down with a scraper.
Don't let it sit long because the acetone eats through the rubber!!!
(less than ideal, right?)
(If I did this again, I would draw with pencil all over the back of the image and then set it on the rubber and trace over every line...then the pencil would rub off and leave the image)
And here is the image I ended up with.
Not great, but I stayed motivated, thinking that I could just draw on the rest with a pencil.
I began using the smallest bit of my carving tool and started to cut out
 everything that was
"white" or negative space.  Leave the black lines.
I was on a roll and loving it!
Keep going, it's tedious, but it is going to be so awesome!
And then I froze...right here.
I didn't reverse the image!!!!
Oh well, the best way to prove that something is handmade is to have a flaw or 2.
So I kept going!
Afterall, the H is good either way, right!?
And then I got here...and screwed it up!
One wrong cut into the rubber and it's done.
So, I gave up in a manner of speaking.
I cut off all the excess scrollwork and decided to just focus on the flag part of the crest.
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried!
I used a bigger bit and carved down all the background.
I got out my ink pad, parchment and clear block and inked it up!
I just taped it to the block and stamped it...
but all those background carved lines showed up.
So I used the x-acto knife and just cut all the background off.
Re-inked it and stamped again!
Apart from my big mistakes, it's awesome!
I like the mess up...I think it works...it makes the scrollwork look
 different, shaded and intentional.
And if you flip the parchment around, the image is great!
So, what do you think?
Would you ever attempt making a rubber stamp?
I hate that one slip and it's messed up...but I'll probably try it again!
I used it dipped in gold ink for the Official seal on our
 invitations for the big party on Saturday!

Come back tomorrow for more Harry Potter!

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