Welcome to my Haunted House Halloween Sign!

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Welcome to my Haunted House Halloween Sign!
Make the perfect greeting sign for your front door!
I used this image of a Haunted House and imported it into Silhouette Studio.
I like the pixeled edges, it gives a spookier look.
I received this big pack of 12X12 vinyl sheets in every color
 from Angel Crafts at a reduced price in exchange for my honest opinion.
This vinyl is beautiful--it is glossy and comes in either 6 X 12 or 12 X 12 packs.

Every color you can think of...but only 1 sheet of each color.
Silver and Gold too!
I used 1 full sheet of glossy black.
Ran it through my new Silhouette Cameo (thanks Instructables!)
While it was cutting...I used my new sanding stick to sand the
 edges of this wood piece I found in a free pile over the weekend.
Then I splotched on a smattering of white paint.
Just rough, white wash effect...haunted, right?
Then set that aside to dry.
Next I cut out my words and my haunted house and weed out the excess vinyl.
Looking good so far.
I used my Angel Craft transfer paper and covered the fronts with the
transfer tape.
And cut it out.
Next I wanted to add some yellow to the windows of the house.
So I removed the backing from the haunted house and added pieces of yellow vinyl.
Making sure that the sticky sides were both facing up while I worked...
otherwise it would stick to the transfer paper and cause a disaster when I tried to peel it off!
Okay, now I placed the vinyl with the transfer paper onto my wood and rubbed it all down firmly.
Then peeled off the transfer paper by sliding it over itself.
It came off perfectly and the vinyl adhered perfectly!
I was very impressed, especially because of the delicate wispy letters--
it was awesome!
Next I went on a walk with my 7 year old to a ravine near some construction and found
 a dead fallen tree and harvested some sticks
(with my rachet clippers that I love).
I cut bundles of sticks to fit the length and width of the sign...sort of frame it in.
Then I used some twine and screw hooks...
I lashed the sticks together...
And screwed in the hooks on the top edge of the sign.
Then used twine to hook the sticks to the sign!
Easy and gives it that finishing "Haunted House" touch!
Welcome to my Haunted House!
The perfect warning for any visitors that the house will likely look lived in!

Vinyl is such a fun material to use for everything!
Check out these vinyl projects too!

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