Thankful Freebies and Scripty Fonts!

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 In every thing Give Thanks!
Right click to save off--personal use only.
 Make a joyful noise unto the Lord
You get what you get
and you don't throw a fit
 It isn't HAPPY people who are thankful,
it is THANKFUL people who are happy

I love making wall art and freebies for you!
I just got a bundle of fantastic fonts!
The Hungry Jpeg 
has bulk bundles of high quality, scripty fonts!
If you are looking for some for invitations for a fancy wedding,
or just for fun vinyl...
Check these out!

All these fonts are the HUGE September Bundle for only $29! 
Plus you can send a tweet and get 10% off too!
A little less than a week left to get this bundle!
It includes hundreds of fabulous graphics--like
 the ones I used in my first 2 pictures above.
I purchased my first bundle (August) from them and then they
sent me the second bundle to review.
I love having glorious fonts to pick from!
They just email you the files and you unzip them and copy them into your font folder.
Then all your programs will update and you'll be able to use them in every program!
I love these options...look at all the curls and swirls and goodness!
They get a new bundle every if you are a font hoarder like me...
you'll want to get every one of them!

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