Perfect Chalkboard Lettering with Chalkboard Markers!

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Perfect Chalkboard Lettering with Chalkboard Markers!
You will need a chalkboard,
chalkboard markers,
regular chalk piece,
word art that you want transferred
(I just got some bulk fonts from the Hungry Jpeg and create my own)
I was sent these fabulous Chalkboard Markers from ChalkOla!

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They work wonderfully!  The write smooth and are so fun to create custom chalk art with!

First, turn over your paper and rub chalk on the backside.
Then lay it on your chalkboard and tape in place.
Trace the lines with a piece of chalk.
This will rub off just enough of the pattern to see!
Once finished, it's time for the chalk markers!
To activate the marker the first time,
shake generously with the cap on...then press the tip onto a piece of paper
 repeatedly until the ink begins to flow.
Then it's as simple as tracing over your chalk lines!
Adding all the variety of colors is so much fun!
I gave each color a try!
This is a beautiful statement piece and can be changed according to whim!
Just wash off with warm soapy watered cloth.
Everything is Hard before it is Easy.  -Goethe
Love this!  It's so true too!
I was able to put my chalkboard lettering skills to the test on this giant chalkboard
 for my nieces wedding!
For this one, I just used a font as a reference and sketched it on with white chalk first.
Followed with white, purple and some black chalk markers.
This sign was a big hit!
If you haven't tried chalkboard markers yet, it's a must!
They are perfect for chalkboards...but also write on anything non-porous!
Glass, whiteboards, mirrors, ceramics, plastics, metal, magnet boards...lockers!

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