Once Upon A Time Belle's Chipped Cup!

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 Once Upon A Time Belle's Chipped Tea Cup!

Have you kept up with Once upon a time?
I missed the last season...I need to catch up.
Alas, I love Belle's teacup!
  It's Chip!
 I had this flowery teacup...almost perfect as far as shape goes...
but the floral design...no.
 I used a stone bit in my dremel tool...
 and completely sanded it right off.
Easy pressure removes just the surface and doesn't gauge the china.
 On both sides to remove the pattern.
 Totally amazing!
It takes the shine off, but it looks perfect!
 Now for the "chip"
 I drew on a little notch...
 And used a cutting wheel on my dremel tool.
 I also worked with water...keeping it wet helps cut glass and ceramics
 better...and keeps the shards from shooting everywhere.
 Perfect "chip"!  Then I sanded it and buffed it smooth.
 I used a Royal Blue Decoart Glass Paint Pen!

 Just drew the design right on...
 the branch and the leaves...
 Let it dry for at least 8 hours.
 Bake in the oven to set it for 40 minutes.
Isn't it amazing that you can totally remove the pattern from china tea cups!?
I am thrilled!
 It's adorable!
And still totally useable!
Here's some more Once Upon a Time fun!

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Unknown said…
hello, how do you make sure it doesn't break when making the chip?
Doodlecraft said…
Cutting through ceramic is relatively easy. I've done a lot of ceramic cuts and drilling and never had anything break because of it. Give it a try! :)