Harry Potter Wand Pen!

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 Harry Potter Wand Pen!
Do you love Harry Potter?
What's your favorite spell?
I think Expelliarmus is used the most...and while it's pretty useful...
(My misspelling just got pointed out...I'm such a Muggle!)
 I know I would be using Scourgify way more often!
It's the cleaning spell.  Man that would make cleaning the kitchen and bathroom a breeze!
Unfortunately all these wands can do is help you write a letter to
a friend or finish up some homework!
You will need:
Paper Mate cheap pens.
(These are the only pens I can guarantee work)
 And you will need polymer clay.
I have used both Fimo and Sculpey and they work great.
I used a variety of colors...because wood wands with Phoenix feather coils and
 wormwood shafts are a variety of colors. ;)
 Soften the clay in your hands and mix it together.
Swirl it in a snake and then twist it in a coil.
You don't want to over mix, you need those colors to stay separated still.
 Looks almost like faux bois or wood grain pattern.

Next, coil it around your pen...and roll it smooth.
 Make sure that you only cover the section that doesn't fit the pen lid.
Also, before baking remove the ink well and tip of the pen by simply pulling it out of the plastic case.
 Cut the tab off the lid and cover it with clay as well.
Make it match up to the body of the wand.
 Bake in the oven with the lid on for 15 minutes at 275* F.
Then let cool for about 20 minutes.
Then you are good to remove the lid and reinsert the ink!
Ta-da!  Expecto Patronum!
 An Epic pen to help you out during your day!
 And...this is the proper way to hold a wand.
We know.  We watched all the movies.
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TiiuGardens said…
Expelliamus Will.NOT.Work....must have an 'r'! Didnt see the movie but read the books.....