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Gold Leaf Abstract Art!

 Gold Leaf Abstract Art!
 This was my first experience with gold leafing and I love it!
 The gold leaf shimmers and shines in just the right light!

 I was sent this Art Easel and Acrylic paint set from US Art Supply at
no cost in exchange for my opinion.

It's a great size, comes with 3 canvas, brushes, a putty knife and a set of acrylic paint!
It's fun...and helps you feel totally professional!
You will also need:
Gold leaf (I used Varigated)

and adhesive

Now let's get started!
I painted on the adhesive in a few splotchy areas.
Set a layer of gold leaf over the top of the adhesive and press gently.
Let it dry a few minutes.
Then use a soft brush to remove the excess gold leaf.
Now mix up your paints!
I started adding sections of thick, colorful paint!
Abstract art is so fun and seriously anyone can do it!
Just add here and there...
I decided to tone the colors down a bit.
So I went in and added lots of white.
That softens it up quite a bit.
Then I went in and added just a touch of black to give it movement.
Ta Da!
It's definitely a personal style thing...but it's so fun to paint!
Try it, you will be hooked!
I need to do more!
The BEST part is the shiny shimmery gold!

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