Zipper Pencil Case!

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 Make a Zippered Pencil Case out of Zippers!
Perfect for Back to School!
You will need about 9-11 or so colorful zippers...
this is a great way to use grandma's collection of zippers.
Or upcycle some zippers you salvaged from old clothes!
 Use your zipper foot and sew them together...I did a zig zag stitch.
 Alternate which side the head of the zipper is on.
 Then connect the zippers to each other in a tube.
It takes some fancy unzipping to make it work...
 Now cut 2 circles for the ends out of some thick padded material.
I used quilting of some kind.  Denim would work great too!
 Turn your zipper tube inside out and then line up the zipper ends on the circle you cut.
Sew the circle on the zippers.
 There will be a few gaps here and there, but it shouldn't be a problem.
 Now stitch the other circle on...but first,
unzip on of the zippers part way so it's easy to turn right side out.
 Once both ends are sewn, turn it right side out.
 Now it doesn't matter which zipper you can get to those pens or pencils!
 Or you can play with it and unzip them all.
This could double as a fun "quiet" toy for small kids!
 Totally fun and silly!
Great way to house some office supplies!

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