Root Beer Keg Lamp!

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 Root Beer Keg Lamp!
 I was given this root beer keg by my sister-in-law...with the
recommendation that it would make a really good lamp!
She was right.  Hole in the top and side (where they removed the spigot)
 I used a piece of floral wire and fished it through the top hole and through the side hole.
 Then wrap the wire around the lamp cord
 And gently pull it out of the top!
 Just a few inches.
 Then use the stopper bit in the lamp kit and put it around the cord.
 And jam it inside the opening.  I had to shove it firmly with pliers from all sides.
 Then put this piece on the cord and twist it into the rubber thing with pliers.
 Next, screw on the base of the light part...
 Tie the underwriter knot
 (all these directions come with the lamp kit and are around $5 at the depot)
 Attach the right wires to the gold and silver screws...
 Read the directions of the lamp kit...don't just follow my
tutorial...some lamp kits might be different.
 Then pull the cord gently from below and tuck it inside the cradle part...
 Now add the top piece and press it down until it snaps into place.
  The little rod turns the light on or off.
Now is the moment of truth!
If done correctly, add a bulb and light it up!
This is going into a Western themed room!
I think it would look great with cowboy hat lamp shade!

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