My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Eye Mask for Sleepover Party!

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My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Eye Mask for Sleepover Party!
We love My Little Pony!
Make adorable Eye Masks that look like Pinkie Pie!
**I received Eye Snug at no cost in exchange for this post**

These contoured sleep masks are comfortable, adjustable and perfectly cozy for sleep.
My daughter's room is very bright from the street she regularly sleeps with an eye mask.
We thought we would custom make a cute one for her!
These would make adorable party favors for a My Little Pony Sleepover Party!
Eyesnugs come with 2 pairs for $15
They are high quality and adjustable for maximum comfort.

They also come with a travel case and earplugs.
Great for long summer car drives, airplane rides, or just a mid-day nap!
To dress them up we used black, white, blue and pink felt.
Hot glue/gun and scissors.
My daughter drew Pinkie Pie's eye on a paper to use for a pattern.
I cut out 2 of each shape.
Eye with lashes, white part, blue iris part, black pupil, highlight circles out of white...
And then we covered the mask in pink!
(You could make any pony you want with this same technique!)
Hot glued all in place for the perfect mask!
And it's HILARIOUS!  I love it!
Totally Pinkie Pie approved!
For a great night sleep in true pony fashion!

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