Gel Pens and Envelope Pen Case!

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 Gel Pens and Envelope Pen Case!
I love Back to School time!
I love pencil cases...and roll up things...and holders and organizers and stuff!
 **I was sent this AmazaPens Gel Ink Pens in exchange for my honest opinion**

As far as Gel Pens go, these ones are terrific!
I love using gel pens on dark colored paper, they pop!
This pack of pens has some pastel, some glitter and some neon pens.
They write really smooth and don't skip!
But the packaging for the pens was definitely not long term.
Mine came what to do?
Make a pen case with fun fabric!
I used 2 pieces of fabric that matched...about 12 inches by 18 inches.
Lay the 2 pieces right sides together.
Sew all around the edges, except for a 4 inch gap on one of the sides.
Flip it right side out.
Then add a decorative stitch around the entire border to stitch up the gap.
Now, fold over where you want it to line up.
I used a sharpie to mark where I want the snaps.
I used my awl to poke a hole through the fabric...
Then placed the snap pieces on and clamped them with the snap setter.

Detailed instructions come with the snap/setter.
Then set the receiving end of the snap.
After the snaps are set, sew up the sides of the envelope.
Reinforce the seam where the bottom half meets up with the other
patterned fabric...since that part will take a lot of abuse.
Now it's ready to fill and use!
These gel pens are so fun--I love having so many colors to chose from!

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