Doctor Who Week! Gold Foil Timey Wimey Sign!

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Doctor Who Week Encore!  Gold Foil Timey Wimey Sign!
I received a fabulous package of goodies from Steals!
I love getting my favorite craft supplies at discount prices...right?
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Here's one of the main things I wanted:
Minc Heat Reactive Foil.
This is normally sold with the Minc machine too...but it's another $100+
I figured out a different way to use the foil!
Here's my Minc hack!

Check it out!
Doctor Who themed and shiny!
 First you will need a LASER printer.
You will also need:
Heat reactive foil
Laminator machine
You can make one too!
Right click to save off...personal use only.

Print off your image on a laser printer...the foil sticks to the toner.
Use cardstock for a better quality finished product!
Then cut pieces of the thin foil and place right over the top of the laser print.
The foil backing sticks to the toner, so no need to reverse images or anything complicated.
Just cover the image with the foil.
I used gold for the text and blue for the tardis, of course!
Now, cover with just a plain old piece of paper.
Nothing fancy.
Now, static helps the pieces stay together, but carefully insert into your warmed up laminator.
I ran mine through a couple times.
Then remove the cover paper and you can see where the foil is sticking.
Peel back the foil and the shiny gold shows everywhere the toner was!
It's awesome!
It's so hard to get a great picture of the shine...but I'm thrilled!
You can thank me for saving you $100's of dollars by liking, pinning, following and sharing!
It's a Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey thing!

Now, click over to Steals Network and get some foil before they sell out!
Things go fast over there!

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Xayide2 said…
Good job,you figured out how that foil works without the extra machine. Save those foil scraps for a different project. :)