USA Watercolor Wall Art using Frisket!

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 USA Watercolor Wall Art using Frisket!
Today is July 24th, the 119th year since Utah (my home) became a state.
So to celebrate a patriotic theme I made this great statement piece!
Keep this in mind for back to school geography classes...
Watercolor paper
frisket, nib and adhesive remover

lightbox or window
tape/frog tape
  First I printed off the pattern I edited.
 Then I taped it to my light box.
If you don't have a light box, you can tape it to a well-lit window.
 That way, you can see through that thick watercolor paper.

 I am addicted to using this frisket...have you tried it yet?
You will love it!
Paint on a thin line of frisket on all the black lines.
Let the frisket dry completely.
(about 10-20 minutes depending on thickness.)
Then use frog tape to tape down all the sides of your watercolor paper.
If the frog tape touches the frisket, it will remove it!
Then wet your watercolors and wet down your paper.
Then carefully add a different color to each state!
It's so fun!
I did pretty good with my geography while I was painting--I knew just about every state!
Let the paint dry completely.
Then take your adhesive remover and carefully remove the frisket.
It clumps up like goobers.
Then it's done!
Hang and admire!

Here's some another great frisket project:
Watercolor word art!

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mizdarlin said…
Thanks for sharing this..I have never heard of frisket before but can think of many uses..I'll see if I can find it here in Canada..