CHRISTMAS IN JULY Ralphie's Bunny Suit!

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Ralphie's Bunny Suit!
I love A Christmas Story!
Apart from the leg lamp, my favorite is the Bunny Suit!
I decided that for my homemade gift for my daughter it had to be a bunny suit!
She loved it!
She looked like a big pink nightmare!
 I decided to take the short cut instead of making it from scratch!
I started with pink slippers.
I used light pink and dark pink fleece to make little ears.
I hot glued them on.
 Then I used gray embroidery thread to stitch a little sad rabbit face.
 Just a few thick whip stitches makes the perfect little nose and eyes.
 They are perfect!
 And they are great little slippers that can be worn without the rest of the outfit!
Next, I did the hat!
I used Jessy's Where the Wild Things are hat pattern here.
I printed off the pattern and pinned it to a double piece of pink fleece.
I got my fleece from, they have great quality fleece!
 I cut out 4 pieces of fleece for the hat,
and pink and dark pink for the ears.
I just freehanded the ears, rather than the ones that Jessy did.
 Sew one dark pink and light pink ear piece together...then flip right side out.
 I used floral wire to give the ears some stiffness.
 Just looped the wire and fit it inside the ears.
 Then sewed the ear closed.
 Insert the ear into the fleece hat, after cutting the ear hole for it.
 Stitch them in place.
 Sew both pieces of the hat together.
 Repeat for the pieces of the hat liner.
then flip the hat with ears right side the liner on the hat to cover the ears.

 Sew around the hood edges except the bottom,
Then fold under the bottom edge and sew it straight across.
 Add some velcro to the neck tabs...
Perfect hat for a flop-ear bunny!
 I bought a polka dot fleece one-piece zip up hoodie pajama and called it good!
 It's nice the pieces are separate, so they get more use than a giant bunny suit!
 She loves it--just get some nerd glasses and a bb gun!
Merry Christmas!

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