CHRISTMAS IN JULY Candy Striped Noel & Joy Gift Toppers!

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6:00 AM
 Candy Striped Noel & Joy Gift Toppers!
Adorable and unique gift toppers that look like candy canes!
 You will need Red and White oven bake clay like Fimo or Sculpey.
 Roll out thin snakes of white and red.
 Take one strand of white and one of red and twist them together.
 Roll it out until it's smooth and quite long.
 Then start writing the word you want.
I found that starting with the last letter and working backward was easier for me, I'm not sure why.
 After it's laid out, press the places that join together firmly, but without crushing or mishaping it.
 Repeat as many words as you want!
 Place on a baking sheet!
Bake according to package directions...usually about 15-20 minutes at 275* F.
 Let them cool for at least 20 minutes.
 Then use twine, ribbon or hot glue to place them on your packages!
 Super sweet presentation!

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