CAMPING WEEK! Simple Cheater Foil Dinners!

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6:00 AM
  Simple Cheater Foil Dinners!
 I remember having foil dinners when I was young...we threw a bunch of uncooked food into a double foil wrap and then cooked them on the fire.
The meat ended up undercooked and the potatoes burned.
Basically it was only good because we were camping.

Since my son has been going to scout camps, I decided to do foil dinners with a different tactic.
Then all he has to do is put it on the fire to warm it up.

 I cook and piece up some steak...
 Add potatoes to the skillet...
 Add fresh veggies and onions when the potatoes are browned.
 Add seasoning...this is truly what sets this meal apart.
We love either curry powder, or basil with garlic salt.
I am sure lemon garlic would be awesome too!
 Now lay out 2 sheets of heavy duty foil.
Place a serving of food right in the center.
 Hold up the edges together...
 And fold them down 3-4 times.
 Wrap and roll up each end.
 Now it's ready!
You can throw these in the freezer and pull out when you need them.
All it needs to do is get warmed up!
Eat right out of the foil.
Add ketchup if that is your thing.  :)

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