Origami Ninja Stars!

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Origami Ninja Stars!
 Paper folding Ninja Stars is such a fun activity for kids!

You will need 2 sheets of Origami Paper
Or 2 squares of lightweight paper...
 Step 1:
Fold sheet in half.
Fold each edge into the half line.
 Step 2:
Fold edges both in.
Then fold paper in half.
Fold in half the other way.

 Step 3:
Open the folded piece.
Fold the side down at a 45* angle from the center line.
Repeat on both sides.
Take the top of the ends and fold them down into a triangle.
 Step 4:
Repeat with the other paper.
Fold the final folds opposite direction of the first one.
Lay one on top of the other.
Fold the triangle ends down and tuck them into the other
(there's natural little pockets for tucking)
 Repeat on the front and the backside.
Then straighten out, final crease and ta da!
 Now make a bunch for the perfect Ninja Star fight!
 Or try making them out of different materials, like foil!

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