Faux Turquoise Pendants!

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6:00 AM
 Faux Turquoise Pendants!
 Make a stunning pendant that has the appearance of turquoise!
You will need oven bake clay, like fimo in black, silver, turquoise and gritty sand.
 Mix some sandy clay with the turquoise...
 Swirly twist and roll it together.
 Next swirl some black and silver together and roll it out thin.
 Roll the turquoise up inside the black.
 Like this.
Then roll it out into a long thin snake.
 Cut it into pieces and put them together.
 Cut small slices and fit them together in a circle...
 Roll it and smooth the lines together.
 Add an eye pin in the top of each pendant and bake according to package directions...
usually about 15 minutes at 275*F
 Looks great!
 Add a chain and wear it!
I love to see the shimmer of the silver in their...and the cool veins.
You could glue things right on top of them...like steampunk cogs and wheels...flowers or cabochons...or even a cameo! 

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