Gold Chain Tassel Necklace!

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 Gold Chain Tassel Necklace!
Make an adorable, trendy tassel necklace in just a few minutes!
PandaHall sent me a bunch of fun supplies in exchange for a week of tutorials!
 Here's what you will need:
Gold Plated Faceted Beads 3mm
Pale Turquoise Faceted Beads 4mm
Gold Chain (10m)
Gold Eyepins
Gold Bead Cap

Here's how to make the Tassel
Take 36 inches of gold chain.
Link the chain onto the eyepin every 4 inches.
 Carefully bend up the end of the eyepin
 And loop it around the top of the pin.
Making it a big jump ring...
 Unhook the loop at the top of the eyepin and set the bead end cap right on the eyepin and chain.
Then re-bend the wire to make a loop at the top.
Clip the chain with pliers so the tassel chains are dangling!
 Now take an 18 inch piece of chain for around the neck.
 You will need 4 aqua beads and 8 gold...and 4 eyepins.
 Slip a gold, aqua and gold bead onto an eyepin.
Hook it onto the chain.
 I added about a half inch of chain and then another beaded eyepin,
Then 2 inches of chain and connect to the other side.
It hangs perfectly and looks awesome!
The perfect piece for any ensemble!
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