Tardis Blue Shabby Chic Bow!

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 Tardis Blue Shabby Chic Bow!
 Okay, let's time out for a second.
I think in Doctor Who colors...like red...hallucinogenic lipstick.
if it's blue...I want Tardis Blue!
So I made this bow, not screaming Doctor Who...but as my inspiration.
 You will need:
Blue shabby chic chiffon flower
Silver Ostrich puff
2 felt circles
Plastic blue rhinestone button
2 2 inch pieces of 1/4" elastic (not pictured)
Hot glue/gun
 Start by cutting small slits in 1 felt circle like this:
 Slip the elastic in the slits and hot glue them in place.
Then hot glue the other felt circle on the backside.
 Now we are ready to glue on the fluff!
 See the elastic will make it universal for headbands, clips, claws or brooches!
 Now just hot glue the button into the center of the chiffon flower.
 I love princess cut diamonds...my favorite cut...so I always
pick a square jewel...I just love them!
 Now glue the ostrich feather puff on the edge of the felt circle.
 Add a dime size of glue on the flower and press it in place.
Let cool.
 Slip it on a headband...or on a clip!
 And you can slide it wherever you want it positioned on your head!
 I love it!
It's totally geek chic, but doesn't scream Whovian.
 Now...just pair it with a Tardis Dress and you'll be ready to rock!
(Tardis dress...I *need* to DIY one!)
Come back tomorrow for a TOTAL screaming Doctor Who craft!

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