Pirate Treasure Map!

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 Pirate Treasure Map!
This is the perfect prop to help spur imagination in little minds.
 Make a Pirate Map for a little person!
You will need:
Heavy cloth or canvas.  Mine was in my fabric hoard and was perfect...
(I have no idea what it is...but I couldn't get the edges to burn. at. all.)
Silhouette cameo and silhouette stencil material
fabric paint, stipple brush,
inks and fabric spray for distressing
 I used all my powers of "randomness" and cut the basic shape with obvious tears.
I worked hard not to hurt my OCD.
 Next I used some Silhouette stencil material and had my Cameo cut out the Treasure map pattern.
There's one you can buy here, and then I added a few embellishments.
 I cut the stencil material out so I could arrange everything.
this way, you can mass produce these guys...for every little boy within a 10 mile radius!
Great for Christmas gifts too, just sayin.
 Use a stipple brush to stencil on some paint.
 It looks great...but needs to be a little bit distressed.
My first plan was to just burn the edges...but this fabric would not burn.
It melted...but no brown tinge whatsoever.
 So I used some craft ink in dark brown and sponged it around the edges.
 I used fabric spray paint and glitter spray...and loaded the map up!
 I love the gold skull too!
My little man was thrilled!
He played "treasure finding" for hours. everyday. for a week!
I love giving kids the tools they need to trigger their imagination!
So adorable!
Check out this pirate garb too!

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