Diamond Himmeli Planter!

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Diamond Himmeli Planter!
Since April is the month of diamonds, I thought this fitting!
Perfect for hanging up air plants or just plain looking awesome!
 It's simple to make, and inexpensive!
You need:
Coffee Straws and floral wire...these will cost you about $3 total.
Spray paint, just for fun.
 You will need:
6 straws cut to 1 inch
18 straws cut to 2 inches
6 straws cut to 3 inches
 Start with the 6 smallest straws and just thread them on the wire,
Then twist it off...form the wires into a hexagon shape.
 Now thread on 2 two inch pieces between every 1 inch piece.
Sometimes you have to go through one straw a few times...no worries,
no one will even be able to tell!
 Now it looks like a star.
 Use the last six 2 inch pieces to connect the triangle points...
 there will be some back and forth wiring again, but just make it work.
 Now it's a geometric dome.
 Add those last 6 longer pieces on.
Just line two of them up straight across from the triangle intersections...
weave them on and through.
(seriously hard to explain in the directions, that you just go with it!)
 Loop the wire on the tip so the 6 straws stay together.
Then weave the wire back through a straw.
 Twist the wire at a junction somewhere and then stick it inside a straw tightly.
Then it's done!
 It's so fun.  I did 2.
I spray painted mine silver.
 Perfect for my air plant that I am trying my hardest to kill.
ah, I am not good with plants...yet.
 Hang with some fishing line for the coolest hanging plant statement ever!
 Or place it near a window! 
Love Himmeli!

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