Harry Potter Wizard Wands! #tbt

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Harry Potter Wizard Wands!
Spells and charms have been common in our house...
only usually they are performed with a carrot, 
a chopstick or something like that.
So we made Magic Wands!
You need Paper...cardstock
Also, tons of hot glue.  
(about 5 big fat sticks of glue for each wand)
 Roll your paper into a tight tube.  One end slightly larger than the other.
Hot glue in place.
 Fill that tube with HOT GLUE.  
I did this part, not the kids.  The tube gets hot too.
 Hold it upright and pump glue into the top.
It will drip down and dry.
Keep filling.
We stuck them in the fridge to cool off faster!
 Then turn them over and fill in from the tiny end.
Make a little mound of glue on each end and let cool completely.
Then use your hot glue to make designs and patterns.
 Paint your wand!
 Dan did a wood-like brown, I did gray, Hay did pink 
(hers looked a lot like a candlestick)
 Paint designs, runes or add crystals for the perfect wizard wand!
 They are heavy, sturdy and feel like a high quality wand!
 Wizard duels haven't been the same since!
Pretty sure mine has a Phoenix feather coil inside.

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