Peonies and Lotus Blossoms!

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 Peonies and Lotus Blossoms!
 You will need about 20 plastic spoons...a tea light candle...and hot glue/gun
as well as spray paint in the color of your choice.
 Start by holding the spoon above the flame a few inches.
Don't hold it too long in one spot or you will get black marks.
 It will begin to crinkle and bend.
 Repeat for all the other 19 spoons.
 Until you have a pile of wrinkled plastic.
 Now, snap, cut, snip or break the handles off the spoons.
Some of them you will want quite close to the spoon "bowl" and
about 5 or 6 you'll need a little longer stem.
 Take the spoons with the longest stems and begin overlapping them and hot gluing them together.
I have 6 spoons on the base...with 3 more stacked on top.
 Continue hot gluing spoons onto your stack...having some stick up and some curl in.
 look at it and see where it needs more.
 This one has more rounded spoons and glues together tight like a lotus blossom.
 Or you can melt your spoons so the edges are more crinkly and
it will look like a peony!
Then take them outside to spray paint any color of your choice.
This one is heirloom white with a light dusting of gold on the edges.
 I did this lotus blossom all gold.
 It's amazing how spoons suddenly become a great decor piece!
This is an inexpensive craft that is perfect for a craft night or
activity (in a controlled environment) with older kids!
Who doesn't love playing with fire?

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