Captain America Patriotic Tie Dye Shirt!

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 Since Captain America 3 isn't scheduled to come out until next year plus!
May 6, 2016...
here's a little captain fix.

Great for patriotic celebrations too!
You will need:
 a white 100% cotton t-shirt
Blue and Red One Step Dyes
Zip ties or rubber bands
Freezer paper
White paint

Target or bullseye!
(Just grab the shirt where you want the center of the target to be. 
Then zip tie it and repeat for as many rings as you want!) 
 For Captain America...we need a center of blue
Then a band of red, then white, red, white and red.
So you will need 5 rubber bands...and 6 sections.
 Now make sure your area is protected.
I used a garbage bag with a baking rack on top.
 Generously fill the banded areas with dye.
Blue at the center...then 3 reds, leaving 2 white bands.
 Turn it over and dye the other side.
 Wrap it in a plastic bag carefully and let it sit overnight.
Next day, rinse out the dye until the water runs clear and then wash it with mild soap.
Should look like this!
 Perfect right?!!
Next, slip a cardboard insert (or flat rate box) inside the shirt.
 Cut a star shape out of freezer paper.
I just free handed it.
 Iron the freezer paper to the shirt with the shiny side down.
The bond is awesome.
 Next get some white acrylic paint...
 And fill in the star!
When painting near the edges, dab straight down to prevent
 paint slipping under the freezer paper edge.
 Remove the freezer paper while it's still wet...and ta da!
 Voila!  You are patriotic and Captain America--and a hippie!
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