Valentine Arrow through Heart Wreath!

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 Valentine Arrow through Heart Wreath!
(okay, the arrow isn't really through the heart...but I like how it turned out!)
I wanted to do a Valentine's wreath for a while!
And I got it done early this year!  yay!

I used a heart shaped wreath form
Black and white chevron fabric
Red, hot pink and light pink felt
Wooden dowel
Hot glue/gun
 First I tore 2" strips of chevron fabric.
 Tear the fabric as you need it so you don't end up
with lots of extra fabric all torn in strips.
 Hot glue one edge of the fabric to the wreath form...
 Wrap tightly around the wreath,
Hot gluing periodically...
 Hot glue end when finished.
 Next I cut circles of felt.
2: 6" circles of red, 4: 4" circles of hot pink, and 5: 2" circles in light pink.
 Then cut the circle into a spiral...
 Like these...
Hot glue the tiny edge and begin rolling the felt.
 Roll so the bottom edge lines up as you glue here and there so it doesn't unravel.
 When finished rolling, you will have a little circle at the end of the felt...
Add hot glue to the bottom of the rose...
 And press it down on that circle on a silicone mat.
 Let it cool for a minute, then pull off.
Repeat for each flower.
 To make the arrow...
 Cut 2 pieces of felt for fletchings.
Hot glue it onto the dowel
 And on the other side...
 Cut 2 triangles for the arrowhead and glue them on with the dowel between them.
 Perfect and festive!
Ready to hang!

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