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New Years!

“I walked a mile with Pleasure;
She chatted all the way;
But left me none the wiser
For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow;
And ne’er a word said she;
But, oh! The things I learned from her,
When Sorrow walked with me.”

― Robert Browning Hamilton

Maybe not the most uplifting poem to start off the year...but I love it.

It's easy to become stagnant when things are all going well...
but when hard times come...we work, strive, pray and have faith.
We grow and become better.
I hope I can spend this new year learning through the thick and thin...
 and seeing God's hand in all things.

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1 comment:

Cheryl said...

So true! Thanks for all the great ideas in 2014. Looking forward to 2015. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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