Snowman in Summer Fillable Ornament!

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5:00 AM
 Snowman in Summer Fillable Ornament!
 Make a fabulous melted snowman in a clear fillable ornament!
Epsom salt
Orange felt carrot nose
Snowman in Summer vinyl
Black dots...could use peppercorn...but I didn't have any, so
I cut the black things out of googly eyes!
 I used a funnel and poured in some epsom salt.
You don't want to make it too just about 1/8 cup or so.
 Then add in your little snowman face.
You could add a few small buttons too!
 Don't shake it up so the face pieces stay on top!
 Apply the vinyl...
(in hindsight, I'd probably do this before filling...haha)
 Tie a ribbon on it!
 And hang it on the tree to remind you of warmer days!

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