Gryffindor Chevron Infinity Scarf!

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If you've been around my blog long'll know I am completely a geek!
I love sci-fi and fantasy!  So, naturally, Harry Potter is a favorite!
~ has the perfect Gold and Maroon Chevron Fleece!
I knew I needed a Gryffindor Chevron Infinity Scarf in my life. sent me a bunch of fleece to play with in exchange for this post. has tons of fleece patterns and styles, lots of licensed patterns too!
It's a great price and super high quality!  I was very impressed.
I usually buy cheap fleece at the big box store...and it's flimsy and shapeless.
This stuff is substantial!
So, for $7.50--or 1 yard, you can make 2 scarfs!
(shipping worked out to be $8.95 for me...for 1 yard or for it's the best time to stock up!)
Okay now, you just need:
10 minutes
Sewing machine
needle and thread
1/2 yard of fleece
Fold the half yard in half so the bolder pattern or right side is facing inside the fold it's a yard long...and about 18" wide.
 Sew along the entire yard length, about 3/8" from the edge.
 Now it's sewn on the edge but the ends are open.
 Time to flip it right side out!
Now the bolder pattern side will show, seamlessly!
 Okay, this part is a tiny bit tricky.
Line up your ends so they aren't twisted...and put the right side together.
So line up the seams...see how the right sides are touching and the inside seams line up?
Do this.
 Now pin if you like.
I don't use pins hardly ever.  Call me lazy.
Okay, see the seams are still lined up and the only thing I am
 going to sew are the 2 layers together.
Start about 2 inches away from the seam.
Then straight stitch as you did earlier.
 A little at a time...stitch...pause and make sure the fabric is still
 lined up and nothing is catching underneath.
 Keep sewing until you can sew no longer!
You wont be able to sew all of it this way...but the more you can sew,
 the less hand sewing you have to do.
It looks like I tied a lovely knot!
But it's basically just inside out.
 So now you have to just twist and turn it until all the insides go in...
 And, I lined it up pretty good...
 And you are left with a little hole.
 Just fold in the fleece and hand stitch it together.
 Add a french knot...or wrap the thread around the needle about 3 times
and then pull it through to finish it off!
 Looks fabulous.
Fleece is the best material for hand sewing because it's super forgiving!
 Next, I added a Gryffindor button...
I just printed off a pic and pressed it in my button maker...
(my printer ink is on it's way out...hence the gray, not black)
 And expelliarmus!
The perfect scarf for my Harry Potter loving Gryffindor!
I have a bunch more fleece to play with,
but I'm thrilled with this totally Geek-Chic Scarf!

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