Be Merry Front Porch Sign!

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 Be Merry Tall Front Porch Sign!
Last year I made this long wooden sign Nativity with vinyl...
*click the link for full tutorial*
 I loved it!
I stored it in my garage...and guess what...when I pulled it out this year,
the vinyl had peeled up and curled.  Darn southern summers and 100% high humidity!
So what to do?
I decided that my tiny front porch needed a sign, so I changed it up and made it a tall sign.
I did a quick repainting of the red.
 And used my silhouette cameo to cut the white vinyl letters.
 I used a varsity college type font,
so the insides of the letters were "discarded"...but I didn't want to waste them.
 So while I was taping these letters in place...
 I had another board that I was sticking the other parts on.
 Then I removed the backing and used transfer tape
 to line up the letters and transfer them on.
 Looks great...and oddly sporty!
  You might have noticed it on my Hairpin Legs Bench tutorial!
See it fits perfect right under the doorbell!
 And then the other sign.
 I cut to size and sanded the edges.
 I used the same red paint and just covered the entire surface as fast as I could.
 Like so.
Then I removed the vinyl while it was still tacky.
And there's some bleeding...but at least it wont peel and curl up!
So I gave it a quick sanding...
 And coated it with paste finishing wax!
I actually like it better than the tall sign...
what do you think?

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