TP Roll Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar!

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 Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar!
 The perfect Christmas countdown!
Or countdown for any other occasion!
 Tied with a ribbon and bow for a little gift!
This would be fun to make and give to friends too--help
 the excitement last all month!
 You will need:
Candy--or small toys!
12 Toilet paper rolls...or other cardboard tubes
Lightweight paper
Rubber stamps numbers/ink
Small hair elastics
Tissue paper
Cardboard for the backing
Hot glue/gun
 I cut my red paper to measure 4 by 5.5".
Apparently, this is a pretty standard tp roll size.
I ran some tape around it and rolled it onto each roll.
 Like so.
(I actually made a second calendar without the paper and it still looks fabulous!)
 Then, cut all the rolls in half with scissors.
They aren't perfect, but no worries!
 Next I cut some circles of tissue paper.
About 4 inches in diameter.
 Next I used a darling Alphabet stamp set and ink
to stamp all the numbers on the tissue paper.
You could just write it with a marker if you want.
 Take the tissue paper and press it gently over the top of a roll.
Gathering and creasing the tissue paper slightly.
 Secure it in place with a small hair elastic.
...and repeat 23 more times!
 Next you will need some backing.
to fit 24 tp rolls, your cardboard will be about

 And I covered it in red paper too.
Just wrapped the top of it like a present.
 Add some ribbon with hot glue to the back if you plan
on hanging up your advent calendar.
 Next, put a piece of candy inside the tube and run a bead
of hot glue around the tp roll opening.
 While holding the cardboard up, so the candy doesn't fall out
 of the tube...or get hot glued inside...
press it on the backing.
 23 more times.
One at a time, holding up the board and pressing it on carefully.
 Looks cute!
My kids are so eager to poke through all these little holes!
 Next I found some candy striped ribbon and wrapped the entire thing!
I think this will help with stability, but it looks cute too!
Tie it off with a big bow!
 Now when December 1st rolls around,
the kids can take turns poking their finger through the tissue paper...
 And getting a treat!
This would be a great countdown for lots of other events too!
Easy to make and lots of fun!

Here's some other ones we've done.
We did a service one 2 years ago...

And my daughter made a felt one too!
Do you do advent Calendars?

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