Ribbon and Burlap Wreath!

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Make a Beautiful Ribbon and Burlap Wreath!
This color scheme works great for anytime of year...
but especially Autumntime through Christmas!

I used a hay wreath form.
These are not my favorite, unless they are entirely covered.
And I used Burlap from BurlapFabric.com
(they sent me a huge roll of burlap in exchange for this post)
I used 2 to 3 inch strips of burlap and hot glue.
Just glue in place and wrap tightly.

Once you get to the end add hot glue
And press it down, hold in place with scissors while it cools.
Now to add ribbon.
I used a gold and copper metallic wire edged ribbon.
Just hot glued in place and wrapped around,
leaving burlap showing in between.
Now to make the bow.
This part is trickier...but go with me.
You'll need wire and more ribbon.
Here's some detailed directions from a bow done with duct tape.
 Click that link above because my directions below are lacking pictures...
only difference is I started with the center loop here and did it all in one piece.
Every time you make a loop,
you twist the wire on it tight.
Essentially until you have made the desired amount of loops.
The second layer of loops is a little bit bigger so they show.
When satisfied...fluff up the ribbon and make the bow look pretty!
Attach it to the wreath with the remaining wires or hot glue.
I love it!  It's super simple but elegant!

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