Pirate Hooks!

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 Pirate Hooks!  Arrrrrrgh!
32 oz. plastic cups
Plastic hanger
(clippers and torch...or flame)
Duct tape
Pirate Stickers...optional.

Okay...now...my husband is amazing!
He is the best builder, maker, and pirate that I know...but he's not a blogger.
So he sped off to the garage and fashioned these hooks
 from plastic hangers without taking a picture!

Here's the idea:
Cut the hook off the hanger...cut a straight piece from the side of the hanger.
Use a torch or candle flame to remelt the 2 plastic pieces together.
(you could duct tape them or hot glue them too)
Now poke a hole in the base of the plastic cup...
and push the hook inside!
That long stick inside the cup gives you something
 to hold onto while wearing yer hook!
 Now everyone can spend time decorating their hooks!
We used lots of fun Duck Brand® Tape!
 Wrap the hooks in silver tape for the perfect pirate touch!
 Perfect for the seafaring noble man in you!
And yes.  Every pirate has lost a hand.  It's a historical fact.
 Always so fun to dress up!
(and...free donuts at Krispy Kreme on "Talk like a Pirate Day" weren't so bad either!)
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