Monogram Marquee Sign!

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 Monogram Marquee Sign!
Easy and cheap!
Great for kids crafts!
 First you will need to take a trip to the Dollar Store!
(I picked Dollar Tree)
I found a string of 10 LED Colored Flower lights!
A pack of AA batteries and 1 sheet of black foam core board.
(spent $3)
 The lights only need 2 I have 6 for later.
 I used scrap paper and cut out an "S".
(Letters like A B E F H K R X Y are hard to do with
 a single strand of take that into consideration)
 I used my hot knife...basically a wood burner with an x-acto knife tip to cut the foam core.
This works great!
 Unfortunately I creased the board accidentally...oh well.
 I measured out 10 holes...making sure I didn't stretch
the LED string too far between bulbs.
Then used a pen to poke holes through the foam core.
 The plastic flowers easily come off the LED bulb.
 So you can string the lights and push the bulb through
 the backside of the board monogram.
 All strung!
You can tape it all in place.
 Looks great, even without the flowers!
This is totally cool, and more masculine than the colorful flowers.
 Looks great in the dark too!
 Or simply press the flowers back on the bulbs!

 And flip the switch!
So simple!
With a little cutting out all the letters...these
 would be so fun to make at a child's birthday party!

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