Halloween Tie Dye Party!

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 I've had lots of requests for the Halloween Tie Dye patterns!
Start by reading through this Tie Dye basics post I did in July...

 You will need:
 Tulip One Step Dye bottles
White 100% cotton T-shirts
Plastic bags on table surface
Rubber bands/zip ties
Cooling rack to prevent puddling
Bags for wrapping shirts for 6-8 hours

Let's get started with the simplest.
The All-Seeing Eye!
Use a washable marker to draw the eye shape on a folded in half shirt.
The arch, iris and pupil.
Now start with the smallest pupil line.
and gather it up so the marker lines up in a straight line...
while curving or manipulating the rest of the shirt.
Then tie it off tight with a rubber band.
Repeat for all the marker lines drawn on the shirt.
Use zip ties or rubber bands to secure...
Place on a cooling rack on top of your plastic table.
This will prevent dye colors from puddling and muddying colors.
Add black to the center for the pupil...followed by the iris color.
And add a little pink for a blood shot eye!
After dying, put in a plastic grocery bag and let it sit for 6-8 hours.
Then rinse it out in the sink until the water runs clear.
Throw into the wash on a normal cycle with soap...dry regular!
 Easy Eyeball!
 Once you get that folding in half, drawing, gathering and tying system down,
You can do any shirt you can think of!
For the rest of these shirts, fold the shirt in half the other way, so the sleeves line up.
then draw half the pattern you desire onto it...and tie accordingly!


Skeleton Skull Head!
This is my favorite!
Don't put the eyes too high or it will look like a monkey!
(hard to get his little ears)

 One Eyed Monster!
My attempt at making 2 hearts, like a Doctor Who shirt...
ended up looking like a Sugar Skull!
Happy Tie Dying!

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CJNecklace said…
This is SO helpful and creative!!! Thank you for saving me alot of time of trying to understand how to even go about this...can't wait to try it out!