Lord of the Rings Lembas Bread!

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Lord of the Rings Lembas Bread!
The bread was very nutritious, stayed fresh for months when wrapped in 
mallorn leaves, and was used for sustenance on long journeys.
Said to fill a man's stomach with just one bite!
Okay, This is basically survival bread.
Wont fill your stomach with one bite but is satisfying!
It's pretty good and uses only a couple ingredients...so it's basic and easy to make.
You need:
2 cups Flour
1 cup Water
1 tsp salt
pour into a mixing bowl
 add the water...
 knead until smooth
It will likely be sticky, so knead with plenty of flour
 roll out into thin pancakes.
they still puff up a little like flatbread.
 Pan fry them or bake them in the oven.
You could even do this over a fire!
 Toast both sides like pancakes...
 Break and serve.
My 5 year old loved this!
Adding some bruschetta is great!

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Felicia said…
I am thinking that would make a great open face sandwich. And a great tie into for kids reading the story. Thanks for sharing!
ozlynda said…
Is it really 2 cups water 1 cup flour or should it be the other way around??
Looks great though.
Doodlecraft said…
You are right Ozlynda, I reversed it! Ahhh, it's fixed now, thank you! :)
Unknown said…
Stuffed with ground nuts and brown sugar you would s
Have Hottock. Korean pancakes street food