Doctor Who Week!!!

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6:00 AM
 Another fabulous WEEK full of all things Doctor Who!
Come back every day this week for crafts and
amazing things you never dreamed of!
 Where do you think the TARDIS will travel this weekend?
What do you think about Jenna Coleman leaving at Christmas? 
I am really hoping for BIG things with this season.
I feel like we don't really know or haven't really connected with Clara...
is it just me?  I want to love her.
I really do...I just don't know yet.
 Well, anyways, enjoy my custom little Lego guys today!
The impossible astronaut!

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Hippymom83 said…
I hear ya! My hubby isn't into the new Doctor 'cuz he looks so old, but I am holding out hope that he'll be a good Doctor. I like Clara, but I agree that she just doesn't jump out and grab you like some of the previous companions. Sometimes she talks too fast for me to understand her too. But I really liked the last episode "Robot in Sherwood"?was that the title? That episode had me laughing out load the whole time! I hope the whole season is that funny! :)