Colored Pencil Necklace!

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6:00 AM
 Colored Pencil Necklace!
Great Back to School Accessory!
 Take some old colored pencils and sharpen them up.
 I used a bandsaw to cut the sharpened tips varying lengths.
You could use a hand saw super easy too.
 Then take a drill and drill a small hole in the top of the pencil piece.
 Now to make the necklace.
I use 20 lb. test fishing line.  It's pretty thick.
And a barrel clasp.
 Just put the end through the clasp.
Knot it around twice and pull tight.
 Then string on the pencils in your desired order!
 Knot off the end of the fishing line to the other end of the clasp.
Wear for some serious Back to School Style!
 Perfect for the little creative artist!

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