Glass Etching on Casserole Dishes!

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Glass Etching on Casserole Dishes!
Make pot lucks painless by labeling your dishes!
Permanently add your name to your glass dishes. 
Still microwave and dishwasher safe...if they were before!  Haha!
 I got a bunch of these awesome snap on lid glass dishes...
I ordered them online, but I think Costco has some similar.
I like that they are glass and covered...I like them so much
I wanted to make sure that I didn't lose them!
 I used Silhouette studio and typed up our last name a bazillion times...
 Then reversed it!
 Cut it out of vinyl.
I used brown, because I use it the least.
 Weeded out the inside of the letters...leaving the negative space!
(if you are careful, you can use the positive space on another project)
Place them on the underside of the dish.
With the name this
 But when you look down through the top of it,
you can see the name!
Get your etching cream.
You can find this at craft stores or at the Silhouette store.
I ended up using a squeegie to just spread a thick layer over the top.
Careful not to go off the edge of the vinyl.
 Like this.
 Let them sit for 20 minutes.
 I used a rubber scrapper to scrape off the etching cream.

 And put it right back in the jar.
This will last forever because you can reuse and reuse it!
Wash the remainder of the etching cream off n the sink with warm water.
Peel off the vinyl and discard it.
Wash completely one more time.
Awesome!  Easy to read and easy to keep track of!
This would make an awesome wedding gift too!

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Unknown said…
Love this idea but wondering if you can still run it through the dishwasher or will the etching get ruined?