Blind Bag Fluttershy Pony Necklace!

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6:00 AM
Blind Bag My Little Pony Fluttershy Necklace!
You'll need a blind bag pony.
I've seen them in boxes in the pink toy aisle at most stores.
The trick don't know which pony you are buying!
(I find that squishing the bag, I can easily tell the shape of the pony inside...
so it was easy to find this Fluttershy)
You will also need an eye screw.
Take a pushpin and jab a hole in the victim.
This is where the necklace will hang from, so it helps if it's balanced.
Now there should be a pretty good hole to start.
Take the eye screw and twist it into the pony.
Until just the eye is left.
Now add a chain to your latest accessory!
Ready to wear!
Great gift idea or birthday party favor too!

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Cheryl said…
I am having so much fun discovering your blog! You have so many awesome crafts. And it really helps that so many of them are things we are into- My little Pony, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, etc....
Also, I don't know if you know or not but these MLP blind bags have codes. You can look it up and then look for a specific number and letter on the bottom of each bag so that you always know who is in the bag.