Colorblock Chevron Tote with FrogTape®

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 Check out this simple Colorblock Tote Update 
using FrogTape® Shape Tape in Chevron!  #FrogTape
 FrogTape® is amazing!
I used some last December on a piece of extremely textured wood
and it gave me perfectly crisp lines!
This shape tape has all the PaintBlock® Technology that we love from FrogTape®...
and it's in the perfect chevron stripe!
Easy to use on FABRIC, wood, entire walls and furniture!
There are loads of FrogTape how-to projects!
Tote to update
Chevron Shape Tape
Fabric Medium (optional)
Stipple brush
mixing cup
 Step 1:
Measure and cut the FrogTape® Chevron Shape tape the desired length.
 Step 2:
Remove half of the paper backing.
 Step 3:
Set tape in place and remove the other half of the backing.
This makes it easy to line up perfectly!
 Step 4:
Press and smooth down with fingers.
 Step 5:
 Press down with stiff plastic squeegee or credit card.
It adheres so tightly to fabric or any other surface!
 Repeat for each row.
 Step 6:
Mix half paint with half fabric medium.
 Step 7:
Use a stipple or foam brush and paint between the tape lines
 with an straight down motion.
 That way the brush wont lift up the tape by sideways strokes.
 Repeat for each row.
 Step 8:
Carefully lift an edge of the tape and remove.
Watch the perfect sharp lines appear!
 Step 9:
Let paint dry completely.
 Enjoy an updated tote that no one else has!
This is HANDS-DOWN the easiest way to get the perfect Chevron Stripe!
I absolutely love the ease of FrogTape® Shape Tape!
I have tons stay tuned for more chevron stripes to come!
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