Cinco De Mayo Mini Pinata's!

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6:00 AM
 Make Mini Pinata's for a Cinco De Mayo Party!
Or for any party!
 These would be perfect party favors for a birthday too!
 First you will need this Octahedron Printable!
An Octahedron is a polyhedron with eight
 I printed it out onto cardstock...then stapled 3 sheets together
 so I could cut them out all at the same time.
 Like this.
Then fold on all the solid lines.
 Practice making it into the octahedron shape...
 Then using hot glue...carefully glue the flaps to the inside.
 Pinch the 2 top pieces and punch a hole in them...
before you glue the whole thing together.
 Glue enough of it that there is just a flap open at the top.
 Fill it with candy, thread some twine through the punched holes.
 Hot glue the flaps inside the shape...
It will cool off while you cut the tissue paper...
Cut some 1 to 2 inch strips of tissue paper.
 Cut one edge like fringe...
 Now start on the bottom of the pinata and add some hot glue.
 Carefully wrap the fringe around the pinata...
layer after layer.
 Add glue, then add more tissue paper...
 Until your pinata is fully covered with tissue fringes!
 Perfect!  Makes you want to just beat it with a stick!

 Perfect for parties and celebrations!  AY Yi Yi Yi!

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