Neon Rainbow Soaps!

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6:00 AM
 Homemade Neon Rainbow Soaps!
 Soapy layers of color!
 I was sent Stephenson's Melt and Pour soap base.
This one is free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  Yay.
As well as a soap mold and a fun Keep Calm-Make Soap shirt!

 I ordered some Neon soap colors on ebay
 I used about an eighth of what I had and melted it down in a measuring cup.

 Added the neon red...just a few drops.

 And poured a thin layer in the soap mold.
I set the soap in the fridge to help it set faster.
It sets pretty quick!

 I cleaned the measuring cup and repeated the process...
with orange!

 I loved seeing the layers form.
 Then bright yellow!
 Then green, blue and purple!
Then they easily came out of the mold right onto the counter top with light tapping.

They are super pretty!
These are such a great gift idea!
Perfect for Mother's day or great in a Spa Kit!
My daughter instantly wanted to wash her hands!
Next time, I'll do a little less orange, but I'm pretty pleased!

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