Mini 3-Tier Wedding Cake Cupcakes!

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 Isn't this the cutest thing?

 Mini 3-Tier Wedding Cake Cupcakes!
And the adorable cupcake stand is from Wholeport.

 Here's how it started.
I made a cake mix in a pie pan or cookie sheet.

Then used cookie cutters to cut out little circles of the cake...
Then stuck them in the freezer until they were firm.
 They stack up cute!
I trimmed them so they would be even...but it would
 make an adorable Mad Hatter Cake too!

 Then I used buttercream frosting and tried my "best" to frost it...
 Totally crummy.  What a mess.
Tasted good, but not lovely.
 Okay, so then I decided to make marshmallow fondant...
the same stuff I used for Edible Googly Eyes!
All you need is marshmallows, water and powdered sugar!
 Put 4 oz. of marshmallows in a microwave bowl 
with 1 tablespoon of water.
Heat them up in the microwave for about a minute until they are puffy!
 Stir them up.
 Add powdered sugar until smooth and able to handle.
Then I rolled it out thin on some powdered sugar.

 And took my frozen cakes and covered them with the fondant.

 Smoothed them out to look nice.
 Stacked them up and added some pearl candies!
 I want to make a bunch for a little girl party!
So super cute!
And the best part is that this fondant tastes great!

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Kelly said…
They're very cute. How far in advance do you think they can be made? Two days? 4 days? Also, what do you think about dipping them in melted white chocolate instead of marshmallow fondant? Easier? Harder? Thanks for the input, I'm hosting a bridal shower in two weeks and want to do these as the favors. :)