Polka Dot Flower Hair Clips!

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6:00 AM
 Polka Dot Flower Hair Clips!
These are seriously cute and easy!

 These are simple and cheap.
Get some flowers...I usually buy them at the dollar store...then you
 can get several blooms for just $1.
(You could even paint polka dots on them)
But these 3 were a gift a couple years ago.

I clipped off the stems and removed the green backing.
Gently pop off the top of the flower...save if you are going to reuse.
 Then use a paper brad fastener

 Push it through the hole from the top

 and fasten it on the back!
Sorry for the blurry pics...camera shake or something!

 You can leave it as is...totally adorable!

 Or use some hot glue to stick on that fuzzy flower center...

 Like so!

 Then hot glue some alligator clips on the backside...
right over the tines of the brad.  It will help it stay secure.

 Ta da!  These are cute as gift bows too!
Just tie your gift with twine or ribbon and clip one of these on!

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